The education program is designed to ensure that all performing children in need get the opportunity to complete their education by providing them the funds to cover all school related expenses. Those expenses include tuition fees, school supplies, books, and uniforms. The program embraces any performing students in need within the public schools; from kindergarten through 12 grades; empowers them with academic enrichment by facilitating small groups of study and providing them resources that contribute to student academic success.


The nutrition program is designed to providing meals to students between school hours in sequence to maintain their focus while they learn. A free meal is provided to students each school day, thus, enhancing their performance.


The youth program aims to equip students with a better understanding of themselves and their values; make character the core of their identity; define who they are in a way that transcends their achievement. This program includes activities, conventions, public events that teach compassion, trustworthy, responsibility, respect, caring, fairness, and citizenship.